The Age of Travel

The front wheels of Joan’s stroller wobble slightly as she pushes her way over the tiles onto the worn-out carpet. Manoeuvring her way past the hallway bookshelf, she pauses for a second to catch her breath and looks down at the loaded middle shelf.
Thirty copies of her Lonely Planet’s Guidebooks sit there, squeezed together.
Creased, fading spines hold the suncream smudged, insect glued pages.
These covers also bind Joan’s fading memories of her globetrotting years.
Each country is represented separately, though her recollections blend into one life story. Locations have merged and the only order that remains is alphabetical.
She continues and shuffles into her front room, flops heavily into the high backed chair, and is thankful that she has survived this morning’s journey.

Published: 101 Words.